The booming outsourcing industry has not spared the medical community. With the increasing medical and dental costs in the country, a thriving medical outsourcing industry has emerged, catering to patients who opt to get treated in developing countries at a fraction of the cost.  On the side, and with a few thousands more but still below the local medical costs, you can enjoy a vacation in Latin America, Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe.  Thanks to Medical Tourism and the Medical Tourism Marketing Agent who is promoting this treatment outsourcing practice.

Medical Tourism Marketing Agent Resume Template

Felix D. Connors

Embarcadero, San Diego, CA

Phone: (618) 342-1767


To become a Medical Tourism Marketing Agent for a large medical travel agency with principals in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe

Summary of Qualification

  • 4 years experience in the travel industry with focus on medical tourism
  • Excellent social, communication and interpersonal skills in dealing with patients.
  • Excellent knowledge of the destination medical countries.

Career Experience/Job History

2006 – Present: Medical Tourism Marketing Agent, Doctors Outside Ltd. CA

  • Maintain friendly and constant relationship with medical principals in the Philippines, India, Czech Republic, Mexico and Brazil.
  • Develop all-inclusive medical travel packages to include hotels, airfares and resorts as well as health spas and gyms.
  • Customize medical packages to suit specific health conditions and requirements
  • Develop cosmetic surgery travel packages for facelifts, liposuctions and breast augmentation as well as denture services.
  • Visit patients in their homes and promote alterative treatment packages


2006 – Present:  In house training in medical terminologies and developing countries with highly evolved medical faculties and US or European trained doctors

2004 – 2006:  BA Tourism, Concorde Career College, San Diego

Professional reference will be furnished upon request