A medical administrator is fundamentally a person who is associated to the world of health care but doesn’t have to maintain direct patient contact. The duties of a medical administrator includes processing paper works, refilling exhausted medical equipments and medicines, bookkeeping of stocks and assisting patients with answers to regular questions. Thus high experience and profound knowledge of the world of medicine is a basic aspect of this job and one must accordingly script a resume highlighting all the necessary points.

Sample Medical Administrator Resume Template


Personal Information:[mention the personal details of an applicant]



Phone number:

E-Mail Id-

Current Status of Employment:

Career Goal:

Seeking the position of a medical administrator in a leading medical firm/hospital/health care units that will help me in applying _________________________ [specific professional traits of the applicant] and contribute actively to the growth of the medical organization.

Details of previous work experiences:

  1. ________-_______ year, ________[specify the job position where the applicant has worked earlier] at _______________ [name of the health care units/medical firm/hospitals ]

Responsibilities Executed:

  • ______________________
  • ______________________
  • ______________________
  1. ________-_______ year, ________[specify the job position where the applicant has worked earlier] at _______________ [name of health care units/medical firm/hospitals]

Responsibilities Executed:

  • ______________________
  • ______________________
  • ______________________

Educational Background:

  • Holds a bachelor’s degree in hospital administration from ___________ [institute/university] in the year___________________.
  • Holds a diploma in public health care from ___________ [institute/university] in the year___________________.
  • _______________________________________ [details of any other certifications and computer knowledge if any]


  • Successfully passed the NAB examination and have the required license.
  • [Other achievements]