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Media resume templates provide the layout for the composition of a media resume, by which we mean the resume of an individual desirous of making it in the field of media. Since the field is so wide and diverse, including within its ambit all forms of media like print media, visual media, radio etc., the resume templates too will be incorporated with these subtle differences.  The following points must be followed while drafting such template.

  • Media resume templates must be innovative and unique, as the persons associated with this field are supposed to be original and creative.
  • It should also highlight only those qualities which are essential to the job being sought. In any field associated with media, communication skills and excellent verbal and written skills are the basic requirements of the job. Hence, the candidate’s proficiency in this must be well represented.
  • A media resume template must also be sparse, economical and concise. Without going into an elaborate description of the candidate’s skills, they can be briefly mentioned and credible reference letters can be incorporated to support the claims made.
  • Also, the media resume template must indicate the candidate’s own intentions in taking up a job by means of a statement of purpose.
  • Thus we see that media resume templates not only cover a broad spectrum of resumes templates, but also must be framed carefully to have the maximum effect.

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