A material handler is responsible for distributing and getting supplies and tools in an organization as per the policies and procedures. They do this on a daily basis and are also responsible for manual movement of stock, materials, freight and general labor. They also inspect and maintain records of incoming as well as outgoing consignments.  The individual applying for the position of a material handler needs to mention the various skills possessed by him in his resume and this can be done accurately if they follow a material handler resume template which gives an idea about how a material handler resume should be drafted.

Sample Material handler resume template

Material Handler Resume

Profile summary:

I am a ____________________ [describe in detail the type of professional individual the applicant is] with extensive experience in ________________ [mention the field in which he has experience].

Career goal:

To work in the position of a material handler for a reputed organization. I want to make best use of my ______________ [mention in details the skills and knowledge that the person wants to apply]

Educational Qualification:

  • Diploma course in _______________ [name of the diploma course] from _______________ [name of the institution] in the year _______________ [year of pursuing the course]
  • Provide other educational details.

Professional experience:

Worked in ___________________ [name of the organization] from ________________ [date of joining] till ___________________ [date of leaving] in the position of _______________ [mention the designation]. My job responsibilities included:

  • ____________________
  • _______________________
  • _________________________

[mention in details the job responsibilities]