A Market Researcher handles analysis collection and feasibility studies that would be used by organizations for research, product development or enhancements to help their companies. Their responsibility is to make quantitative and qualitative analyses of raw data like using questionnaires given to the public so as to arrive at a conclusive reports to be presented to companies the employed their services.

Marketing Researcher Resume Template

Elizabeth Perch

Mansfield, TX

Fort Worth, 77548

Phone: (354) 875-0000



To be employed as a market researcher that would deal with surveys and collection of data for different products and services for different companies

Summary of Qualification

  • Excellent knowledge in market research
  • Expert in focus-group, presentations and interviews for conclusions deduced
  • Great ability to train and manager colleagues for task dissemination
  • Excellent website and database research for information and data needed in research

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Market Researcher, Innovative Solution Inc

  • Meets with clients for proposal, negotiations and research projects
  • Prepares reports, briefs and research materials
  • Handles web search and data analyses for different projects
  • Facilitates and moderates meeting for data research results and collaborating these information to arrive at an intelligent study
  • Attends seminars and conferences for self enhancements or product release
  • Conducts research for the consuming republic for data needed

2005-2007: Associate Market Researcher, Innovative Solution Inc

  • Conduct interviews for information needed in the research
  • Prepares reports for supervisor for presentation to clients
  • Collates data gathered by colleagues and makes a continuous flowchart of ideas for final deliberation by market research supervisors
  • Prepares and formats questionnaires to be used for data and information analyses


2001-2005: Masters Degree in Marketing, Texas Business Institute

1997-2001: Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Texas Business Institute

Professional reference will be furnished upon request