The art of selling comes naturally but if an experienced marketing person with creative mind holds the position as director this means the organization has achieved the sixty percent of its primary goal.

The strategy must be coordinated with mission and goal of the organization to provide long term benefits to the shareholders of the organization. This is a responsibility of a Marketing Manager. Given below is a Marketing Director Resume Template and helpful for all who want to apply for the post of Marketing Director in the various industries.

Marketing Director Resume Template

Gabe Mills

54th Howard Street

Fairy land, New Jersey 0265

Phone: (456)89676784


Obtain a respective position in various fields of Marketing

Summary of qualification

  • Member of the American association of Directors and Management since 1997
  • Considered veteran in the field of Marketing by the four different international boards
  • Chaired the meeting of strategists of the century event twice

Careers experience/Job History

1998 till present

Jaguar Car co.

Director of Marketing Department

  • Devised, planned and implemented the new regional strategy to acquire new areas for Jaguar
  • Helped the board in co-coordinating the primary financial objective of the company with the marketing strategy
  • Training program for the new employees to market at low levels

1995 to 1998

Harley Group of Companies

Marketing head

  • Formulated the budgeted plan and controlling the overall strategy of funding marketing
  • Supervised and trained more than 25 managers to compare data analysis according to market strategy


  • Earned the gold award for marketing from the Government promoting nonprofit acts



Bachelors in Business Administration, University of West London


Masters in Financial Management, University of New Jersey

Professional reference will be furnished upon request