The various marketing offices in a company require a coordinated effort to get their acts togethers, at least get the same information,  In addition, the products of a company can bring it to face government regulatory services or head to new distribution channels that require dissemination of marketing plans and materials to get product awareness high in government and the public. That’s what the marketing coordinator does.  Called variously in many companies such as sales or promotion coordinator, the marketing coordinator creates a smooth promotion of products and services.

Marketing Coordinator Resume Template

Sandra B. Murdock

N. Graham St., Charlotte, North Carolina

Phone: 704-091-6687


To be a marketing coordinator in a consumer manufacturing company with local and global reach

Summary of Qualification

  • 9 years of experience as a marketing coordinator for an airline company.
  • Excellent social and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skill sin English and French

Career Experience/Job History

2001 – Present:  Marketing Coordinator, Southwest Airlines

  • Coordinate marketing activities in pricing and promotion to let travel agencies have a common grasp of the airline’s products, timetables and fares.
  • Coordinate with US-FAA and CAA airline submissions where applicable
  • Coordinate with Legal on application of 5th and 6th freedom rights with embassies and consulates as required.
  • Coordinate with trade shows for the airline’s sponsorship of upcoming events.
  • Coordinate with route managers the distribution of airline promotional brochures and collateral sales materials.


2001 – Present:  Various In-house trainings and 3rd party seminars and workshops of airline marketing and operations,

1998 – 2001: Bachelor of Arts in Commerce, Columbia University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request