A market research analyst is an individual who analyses the research done for the market in which the employer organization is venturing into.  He has to analyze consumer behavior from available information and make presentations and also supply market information to the higher management for press releases as well as for promotions. A market research analyst resume template is a document that an individual applying for the position of a market research analyst has to follow while preparing his resume. The template gives an idea about how the resume needs to be drafted.

Sample Market Research Analyst Resume Template

Market research analyst resume

______________ [name of the applicant]

____________________________ [address of the applicant]

______________[contact number]

_____________ [ mobile number]

___________ [email id]

_____________ [date of birth]

Career Goal

To work in the position of a market research analyst and make best use of my marketing skills and research skills for the benefit of the organization. I want to work in the __________________________ [type of industry in which the applicant wants to work]

Educational Background:

Name of the degree:                    Name of the educational institution:           Date of completion:

_________________                   _______________________                       ______________

_________________                   _______________________                       ______________

_________________                   _______________________                       ______________

Awards and recognition:

  • Received _________________ [type of award received] from ______________ [governing body from which the award was received] in the year ____________ [date of receiving the award]

Professional experience:

Worked with ___________________ [name of the organization] as a market research analyst in the year ________________. My duties and responsibilities were __________________ [mention the duties performed]