The job of a manufacturing supervisor is to supervise and manage the production process in any organization. He works in the manufacturing unit of the organization and has to ensure that the manufacturing process is taking place as per the procedure and does not come to a halt. It is very essential for an individual applying for the position of a manufacturing supervisor to have an impressive resume and this can be drafted with the help of a manufacturing supervisor resume template.

Sample Manufacturing supervisor resume template


Personal Details:[mention the required field of personal details]

Name of the applicant:

Permanent Address:

Residential phone number:

Mobile phone number:

Email ID:


Marital Status:

Date of Birth:

Career objective:

To work in the position of a manufacturing supervisor and make best use of my _______________ [mention the specific skill or knowledge to be applied by the individual]

Educational Qualification:

  • Achieved Bachelors degree in _____________ [the subject in which the bachelor’s degree has been achieved from __________________ [name of the educational institution] in the year __________________ [ year in which the individual completed his bachelor’s degree]
  • Diploma in ________________ [subject in which the individual has pursued his diploma]

[ Provide details of other educational qualifications as well ]

Work experience: [specify the organization(s) that the individual and the time period for which he has worked]

  • Worked in the position of  _____________ [name of the job position] from _______________ to _____________ [joining date and leaving date] where my job responsibility was _____________________________ [mention in details the job responsibilities]