The job of a management assistant is basically a secretarial job where the individual is responsible for various company duties and functions. This job demands great skill of communication and co-ordination and a very high level of devotion from the candidate. Hence, the management assistant resume should focus on these skills and qualities of the applicant. The educational and professional experience of the aspirant should also bear a proper mention in the resume. A management assistant resume template, used for this purpose, should have enough provisions to fill in all these necessary details.

Sample Management Assistant Resume Template

Management Assistant Resume

Name of Applicant:

Date of Birth:


Email Address:

Phone no.:

Career Aim:  To utilize my secretarial and managerial skills in order to be a part of the management of a highly distinguished organization.

Skills: [Elaborate on the qualities and skills that the concern applicant possess and are appropriate for the management assistant job]

  • __________________________________________
  • __________________________________________
  • _________________________________________

Education: [State relevant academic information]

  • High School Diploma with _________ GPA, from _______________ [specify name of school], ______ [year]
  • Bachelor’s Degree in _____________ [state major], from __________________ [college/ university], _____ [year]
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [State any other educational qualification, if any]

Training Experience: [Enumerate the training courses  taken up and experiences acquired]

  • __________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________
  • __________________________________________________

Professional  Background: [Provide information regarding previous employment]

  •  ____________________[job position] , _______________________ [State name of company], _______ to _______ [year]
  1. ________________________________
  2. __________________________________
  3. ___________________________________
  •  _________________________[job position], __________________________[company], ____ to __________ [year]


  1. ______________________________
  2. ______________________________

Reference: [Explicate details of the references]

1.  Employer/ Company:


2. Company: