Loan Consultants are responsible to guide, determine and explain specific restrictions associated with the loan and appropriate loan type for prospective loan applicants. Loan Consultants are similar to a loan officer who also provides guidance to those prospective loan applicants who have problems qualifying in traditional loans. Generally, they evaluate loans, make necessary recommendations for clients, and authorize loans for real estate, commercial needs, or credit. They typically work for financial institutions such as commercial banks, credit unions or savings institutions.

Loan Consultant Resume Template

Jamie Peterson

7657-D South Drive,

Jacksonville, Florida 8765

Phone: (786)765-5320


Responsible and honest person seeking for a position as Loan Consultant

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Proficient accounting professional, knowledgeable in all accounting systems
  • Coordinates in reviews and analyze current requirements
  • Developed appropriate systems to meet changing conditions
  • Considerable ability to communicate effectively, both oral and written
  • Adept in computer systems and applications
  • Good rapport to clients
  • Ability to multitask and conducts trainings
  • Flexible and detail oriented

Career Experiences:

2008-2011: Loan Consultant; Right Loans Inc.; Florida

  • Counsel clients with excessive borrowing and spending
  • Contact borrowers who have delinquent accounts and or negotiate repayment options
  • Arrange suitable options for creditors
  • Refer loans to be approved by the loan committee
  • Establish payment priorities in order to reduce clients’ overall expenditure
  • Submit applications to the credit analyst for recommendation and verification
  • Analyze potential markets for promoting loans

2004-2007: Assistant Loan Officer; Click Financial Services; Florida

  • Maintaining current knowledge in credit regulations
  • Assist clients for referral to loan committee for approval
  • Submit applications for credit analysts for verification and recommendations
  • Receive and maintain good rapport to prospective clients
  • Locate debtors using post office directories, account listings and mailing lists
  • Maintain and update monthly the  data base of clients
  • Assist in arranging maintenance and liquidation of delinquent properties
  • Assist in reviewing accounts for collection

Education: 2000-2004: Bachelor of Science in Financial Management: University of Florida

Professional references would be furnished upon request