Limnologists are scientists specialized in studying internal water components including all the physical, chemical and biological aspects. They are responsible for testing waters and determining the cause of unsafe conditions for fish and other aquatic animals.

Career Objective:

To seek professional employment as a Limnologist and contribute to the sector of Limnology utilizing the skills and knowledge attained over years of experience.

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Professional Forte:

  • Strong analytical skills which have been helpful in monitoring the economic changes in agribusiness.
  • Ability to understand various sampling techniques that may be useful in different types of surveys.
  • Excellent knowledge on application of models of economic behavior to agriculture developments.
  • Possess strong organizational and communication skills.
  • Skilled in computer and other software application.
  • Excellent in generating technical and non-technical reports.
  • Proficient in multitasking.

Professional Experience

Professor of Ecology, 2000 till date. Department of Environment Resources and Environmental Sciences, Manhattan State University.

Professor of Ecology. 1994-2000. Department of Natural Sciences, Mexico State University

Instructor.  1992-1994.  Limnology Hub, University of California.

Research Associate.  1986-1992. Supervisor of collection and analysis of habitual limno­logical data from Colorado River, in colligation with the U.S. Bureau of Reformation and the Univ. of California.

Research Assistant.  1976-1978. The measurement of green pigments in water bodies employing remote laser sensing.  The research was in colligation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the University of Lincon.

Research Assistant.  1975-1977.  The effects of sewage effluent from Las Vegas Wash on water quality in Lake Mead, in conjunction with Clark County Sanitation District No. 1, Waste Treatment Physical Development Section and the Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Educational Qualification:

  • Ph.D. in Ecology, University of California.
  • MS. in Limnology, University of California.
  • BSc. in Biology, Lincoln University.

Languages known:

  • Fluent in English
  • French

Significant Achievement:

  • Received accolades for conducting extensive research on aquatic ecosystem ecology.
  • Successfully carried out research on Nutrient biogeochemistry.
  • Published journals on Astrobiology and Life in extreme conditions.