When the director yells, “lights, camera, action,” it clearly points to the importance of lighting technologies and their artistic application in allowing the film camera to capture the intended cinematographic moments.  Afterall, without lights, there’d be nothing to see on screen.  Thanks to lighting effects designers, directors can create the visuals they have in mind.  It is with lights that he paints on his cinematic canvass, invoking the moods and interplay of light and shadows, the warmth of sunsets and the coldness of night lights.  That’s what the lighting effects designer can help him do.

Lighting Effects Director Resume Template

James A. Williby

Hollywood Valley, LA, CA

Phone: 818-466-9011



A position as a lighting effects designer for a Hollywood movie studio

Summary of Qualification

  • 10 years of experience in creating correct lighting and ambiance systems for photography and Videography works with the last 4 years engaged as lighting effect designer for a major film studio.
  • Excellent command of multimedia sound mixing console systems.

Career Experience/Job History

2000 – Present:  Lighting Effects Director, Warner Bros Studio.

  • Supervise the operation of manual and computerized lighting systems and appliances as part of the crew in any film production project.
  • Experiment with lighting intensities and angles to achieve director’s vision.
  • Design or enhance existing stationary and mobile lighting systems.
  • Mentor new film crews in lighting effects.
  • Ensure that all lighting systems are in top condition and provide storage protection when not deployed.


2000 – Present:  Various workshops on lighting effects techniques

1998 – 2000: Certificate in Film Production, Julliard School

1996 – 2000: BS in Electrical Engineering, UCLA

Professional reference will be furnished upon request