The legal attorney resume is an effective tool through which an aspiring applicant is able to showcase his professional and academic background. Such a resume should be carefully prepared as this is indispensable for the purpose of getting employed in a legal firm. This resume should also specify the legal field in which the applicant is proficient in. Owing to the criticality and usefulness of the resume, a legal attorney resume template should have provisions to manifest all the intricate details lucidly.

Sample Legal Attorney Resume Template:

Legal Attorney Resume

[Mention relevant personal and contact information]

Name of Candidate:


Contact no.:


Objective Statement: I wish to practice as a ______ [specify legal practice] Attorney by being part of a highly reputed legal firm.

Education Background: [State all academic information of the applicant]

  • Honored as the ___________ [specify legal subject] from _________________ [name of college/ university], _____ [year ]
  • Associate’s Law Degree from the __________________[state name of college or university], ______ [year]
  • Bachelor of Arts in ______________ [state the major] from ________________, _________ [year]
  • ______________________________________________________________
    ____________________________________________ [Specify any other educational courses taken up]

Professional Affiliations:

  • Passed _______________[name of State] Bar exam and acquired professional recognition from the ___________________ [state] Association, ______ [year]
  • ______________________________________________________ [mention any other relevant professional recognition acquired]

Areas of Expertise:

  • ____________________________________
  • ___________________________________
  • ___________________________________

Professional Background: [State all work experience attained by the applicant with respect to this field]

  1. Firm: ____________________, from _____ to ________
  • ________________________
  • ________________________
  1. Firm: ________________, from ______ to_______
  • ____________________
  • _______________________