A lean manufacturer helps improve the safety, operations costs and product quality of the firm or company. To analyse the transactional and production processes also to identify and address any problems is one of the major responsibilities of a lean manufacturer.

Personal Details:

Name: Charles Edwin
Address: 1678, 45 street,
MA 01561,
(123)-456 7776.
Email Id: charlesed@yahoomail.com

Objective: Seeking a Lean Manufacturing position in a leading company to deliver the job requirements with utmost efficiency and with provide quality work.


Worked as Larson and Brothers Inc. line supervisor from (2002-2008),


  • Supervise the lean manufacturers team and help them with difficulties.
  • Motivate the teams for effective  output.
  • Encourage safety rules and regulations for all the members working in the manufacturing unit.
  • Regular presentations and reports on the  present scenario in the market is prepared for the senior management to ensure the costs within the budget and the safety precautions are met.
  • He constantly predict the future and take necessary measurements to eliminate short and long – term problems that may occur.

Worked as a Jr.Lean Manufacturer in Larson and Brothers Inc. From (2008-present).

  • Jr.Lean manufacturers are equipped with enough knowledge about the lean

manufacturing tools and processes.

  • The Jr.Lean manufacturer provides training and manuals to people of the organization in order to improve the company’s products, machines and processes.
  • Generating timely records and sheets updating the work to the Sr. Lean manufacturer

Education :

BSc. in Industrial engineering from Arizona State University, Temple, AZ , 2003.


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