The cinematographer is also known as the director of photography and is the right hand man of the movie director trusted to come to capture the visuals as the director wants. The cinematographer makes on-the-spot decisions on both technical and creative aspects relative to getting the right visuals as envisioned by the movie director.

Lead Cinematographer Resume Template

Denver V. Elliot

Hampton, Virginia

Phone: 757-025-9021


To become a lead cinematographer in a major Hollywood studio.

Summary of Qualification

  • Above average ability in handling high definition capture cameras.
  • Excellent command of Silicon Graphics animation editing workstations and related application for high definition processing.
  • Worked with directors Spielberg, Emmerich and Mel Gibson in four projects.
  • Natural creative talent with photography and Videography as a hobby.

Career Experience/Job History

2000 – Present:  Assistant Cinematographer, Sunshine Animation Pictures, California

  • Support the lead cinematographer in operating both high definition digital and film-based 70mm motion picture camera.
  • Assist and mentor new cinematographers in the use of sophisticated photographic and movie capture, editing and film processing equipment.
  • Provide the lead cinematographer with recommended visual options in shooting film using the storyboarding facility on the PC.
  • Process the animation storyboard for finalization on the graphics workstation.


2000 – Present:  various in-house trainings, seminars in advance photography and operation of high definition digital and 3D motion picture cameras.

2000– 2001: Certificate in Photography and Videography, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London

1996 – 2000:  Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.