Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Workers can work in hotels, neighborhood and mall Laundromats, cruise lines and airlines.  They are trained in cleaning various types of clothing and bedding materials using conventional laundering and dry-cleaning procedures as required.  They are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction once the items have been cleaned and returned.

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Worker Resume Template

Manuel M. Da Costa

Porter Ave., Buffalo, NY

Phone: (718) 233-1988


To work as a laundry and dry cleaner in a large resort or hotel

Summary of Qualification

  • 7 years of experience in the laundry service industries
  • Strong practical knowledge in using industrial laundry appliances, suitable detergents and cleaning chemicals
  • Honest, dependable, responsible, cheerful and hardworking
  • Excellent oral communication skills in English and Spanish

Career Experience/Job History

2003 – Present:  Laundry Dry Cleaner, Winchester Hotels, NYC

  • Segregate clothing types according to textiles to go into proper cleaning method
  • Segregate clothing requiring special treatment for stain removal or those with sensitive fabrics.
  • Operate and regulate laundry equipment using the correct spin speeds, water volume, bleach and detergent content and other cleaning additives.
  • Iron and fold laundered clothes for delivery to client
  • Account and bill clients for laundry services as part of hotel bill.

1999 – 2003: Laundromat Operators,  Glendale Laundry Service

  • Accept and process articles for laundry and provide pricing quote and receipts to clients
  • Operate special non-self-service laundry facilities
  • Mix detergents, bleaches, dyes, starches, and other chemicals to clean, whiten or stiffen fabric.

Education and Qualifications

1999 – 2003: High School Diploma, Caguas National High, Puerto Rico

Professional references to be furnished upon request