LAN (Local Network Administrator) Administrators are responsible for technical support to keep the network information system running properly and maintain a secure environment with the use of the internet system. They monitor, check and fix the firewall system of the company making sure that there are no viruses and hackers penetrating the system that they use in the work system.

LAN Administrator Resume Template

Drew Donahue

457 N 38th St, White River Junction

VT, 03549

Phone: (214) 421-1244


Experienced professional wide extensive job qualification on computer software and LAN security seeking for employment for a reputable company

Summary of Qualification

  • Experience in maintenance of multi users administration system with local network area
  • Extensive knowledge in network security in building firewalls and other security protocols for the network
  • Exceptional skills in troubleshooting computer systems
  • Can work under minimal supervision and a team player

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Information Technology Personnel, Sprint House of Computers

  • Develops new software for the company
  • Maintains and monitors LAN system for the company
  • Implements and execute troubleshooting for all the computer network and individual computers in the company
  • Responsible for installing and providing updates for different software programs used in the work environment
  • Responsible for creating software that makes the machine run and the applications required to perform specific business-related functions

2005-2007: Information Technology; Informatix Computer Software Company

  • Responsible for creating and finalizing software technologies requested by other companies
  • Handles the different software installation and troubleshooting for computers
  • Handles sales and appraisal of computers and computer software

2002-2005: Sales Representative, Gadgets and Gizmo Computer Shop

  • Handles sales for different software, parts and computers for the company
  • Checks inventory of supplies for the company
  • Provides reports and invoice paper works for sales and distribution of commodities


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, University of Advancing Technology

2001: On-The-Job training

Professional reference will be furnished upon request