The Grip Department in a film or theater studio is basically a jack-of-all trades team responsible for providing the labor-intensive legwork and handiwork support for making the props, camera stands, lighting rigs, stage effects as well as securing 3rd party services like carpenters and other hands in any construction work for stage and film. All these are managed and supervised by the Key Grip or Key Boss.  A résumé here can benefit from a portfolio of works you are involved with.

Key Grip Resume Template

John M. Cord, Jr.

Hollywood, LA, California

Phone: 818-993-1455


To be part of the film crew Key Grip in a large Hollywood production outfit

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 7 years of experience as a key grip in an independent movie house.
  • Portfolio of stage and film productions available during interview
  • Excellent verbal communication skills in English

Career Experience / Job History

1999 – Present: Film Grip, Village Roadshow Studios

  • Supervise grips in gathering and delivering the props, equipment and supplies for a studio or location filming.
  • Estimate construction costs to work within production budget as defined by  the producer
  • Supervise the set-up of movable rig for changing sceneries in a stage production.
  • Supervise the construction of sets and background scenes as defined by the film director
  • Provide administrative work in hiring, firing and mentoring grips in crew.
  • Maintain and update inventory records on props and other reusable constructed stage props.
  • Supervise the assembly and dismantle of stage sets quickly and safely
  • Supervise the building of camera railings and hanging scaffolds for lighting


1999 – Present:  Apprenticeship as a grip

1997 – 1999:  Diploma in High School, Burbank Municipal High

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.