Junior secretaries serve as assistants to senior secretaries and they do most of the more manual jobs in an office such as researching, filing documents, arranging and compiling paper trails, making phone calls and keeping schedules.  Although they have limited interaction with their immediate superior, they may also serve their superiors as the need and circumstances arise.  They are always within reach of the senior secretary and must be able to follow instructions quickly and efficiently.

Junior Secretary Resume Template

Ellen Davis

6372 Plymouth St.

Texas, 7687

Phone: (212) 210-2100



Hard working and highly dependable individual seeking for a job as Junior Secretary in any office

Summary of Qualification

  • Very good organizational skills, can multi-task and quick to follow instructions
  • Can operate office equipment such as fax machines, photocopier, scanner, printer, cutter etc.
  • Highly skilled in making reports, documenting and updating clients using computer programs and presentation software
  • Highly professional and honest in implementing tasks
  • Very good health condition and can work long hours

Career Experience/Job History

2008 –present: Junior Secretary, George and Associates

  • Prepared presentations by summarizing reports and data and packaged them using audio visual materials
  • Assisted clients to the office and made initial interview for information gathering and recording
  • Made and followed up schedules through phone scheduling and online appointments
  • Assisted the senior secretary in monthly and annual reports
  • Prepared meals and snacks ready for the supervisor and his clients
  • Collected payments for services, issued receipts and listed contact details for future reference
  • Cleaned up office area whenever necessary
  • Reminded the immediate supervisor of schedules and tentative appointments early to ensure smooth operations


2004-2006: High School Diploma, Los Angeles High School

Professional reference will be furnished upon request