IT Security Resume Template

An IT security specialist is required to ensure strict security and protection of sensitive data that is valuable to the concerned firm. Since they are responsible for the security of essential information, a security specialist is expected to possess sound knowledge of IT security policies and principles, risk management and intrusion detecting systems. As this is one of the most sought after jobs, it is advisable to follow an IT security resume template while drafting one’s job application to make sure that the proper skills are highlighted for the employer, projecting the candidate as the best person for the post.

Sample IT Security Resume Template


Name: ________________________

Address: ____________________________

Phone No.: ____________________

Email id: _______________________

Date of Birth: ______________

Career Objective: To translate theoretical knowledge about information security into practical implementation and thereby establish a security stance that would protect the firm. I wish to apply for the position of ________________ [information security executive/ information security manager/or any other post sought for]

Educational Qualification:

  • Obtained high school degree from __________[name of the institution] in ____[year]
  • Graduated from ____________ [name of the college/university] in _________ [subject] in the year _______
  • ___________________ [any other degree]

Key Skills:

  • _________________________________________________________________
  • _________________________________________________________________
  • _________________________________________________________________
  •  [Explain elaborately all the technical skills that the candidate possesses so that the employer may determine if the applicant has the required expertise for the post]

Work Experiences:

  • __ [year]- ___[year]: Accomplished the role of __________[job position] at _____________________[organization’s name]
  • __ [year]- ___[year]: Accomplished the role of __________[job position] at _____________________[organization’s name] [Mention clearly all the professional job experiences of the candidate that may be relevant to the job sought].


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