IT Consultant Resume Template

The job of an IT consultant is to advise clients on the kind of information technologies they may use or the way they are to be used to fulfill their business agenda or fix areas identified as problematic. Since an IT consultant mainly works as per the demands of the clients, the skill requirements for this job varies from project to project. Hence it is wise to consult an IT consultant resume template in order to have the right skills projected in the right way that would give the resume an edge over the others.

Sample IT Consultant Resume Template


Name: ______________                                                         Contact Details: _____________

Date of Birth: __________

Objective: To provide strategic guidance and advice to clients with respect to information technology and infrastructure that would improve their business prospects. Furthermore _______ [enumerate further details]

Educational Qualifications:

  • Passed high school degree from _________ [school name] in the year ______ with__________ % marks.
  • Passed _______ [name of degree] from _________ [college name] in the year ______ with__________ % marks.
  • _____________________ [Any further qualifications]

Certifications: _____________________________________________________________ [Details of trainings and vocational courses that the candidate may have pursued to perfect his skills as a consultant should be explained here.]

Work Experiences:

  • Performed the role of ______________  from year ________- ______ at _____ [organization’s name]
  • Performed the role of ______________  from year ________- ______ at _____ [organization’s name]
  • __________________ [Mention other  work experiences, internships or projects that the candidate may have been a part of that has helped him grow as an IT consultant]

References: _____________________________________________________________ [Details of the person who has referred the candidate for this post should be furnished].


Consultant Resume


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