An IT agent resume template is a substantial pre-developed layout used for incorporating the eligibility and qualification details of an applicant interested for an IT agent job position. An IT agent generally acts as a negotiator between various IT companies. Thus, the resume should include appropriate details of the primary education and specializations in the IT field, as well as highlight the specialized skills that would help the person to qualify as an efficient IT agent. To accomplish this task, the resume template has to be designed effectively.

Sample IT Agent Resume Template:


Name: ________________________________

Age: _______ years                                     Gender: __________ [M/F]

Permanent address: ___________________________________________________

[Provide complete details of the candidate’s identity]


With my thorough knowledge of the basic and some advanced concepts of Information Technology, I would like to work as an agent with specific duties of _______________________ _________________________________ [give a brief detail of the primary responsibilities] in the ________________________________________ [mention the specific department]

Computer knowledge:

  • Programming languages: ________________________________________
  • Software features and applications: ___________________________________________ _______________________________________
  • Operating Systems: ___________________________________________
  • Database management skills: ____________________________________

[Give details of the computer skills possessed, in the corresponding blank spaces]

Professional Experience:

  • Worked as ____________ [earlier job position] for ______________________________________ [mention name of the company/ firm] from _____[year]- _________[year].
  • Worked as ____________ [earlier job position] for ______________________________________ [mention name of the company/ firm] from _____ [year] – _________ [year].
  • ________________________________________ [Other professional details]

Academic background:

  • Bachelor of Science/ ______________________________ [mention if other equivalent degree] in __________________[subject] from ___________________________________ [give the name of the institute] in the year of __ __ __ __ [give the exact year of passing]
  • __________________________ [details of other degrees acquired by the candidate]

Referred by: ______________________________________ [give proper name of the person by whom the candidate is being referred]

Mailing address: ________________________________________________

Contact number: _________________________



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