An IT administrator is responsible for administering the technical functions of an IT company or the IT department of an organization. They have to ensure that all the systems of the organization are in proper working condition and proper IT support is given to employees of all the departments.

An IT administrator needs to troubleshoot and solve any problems to software used for company operations. An individual applying for the position of an IT administrator needs to have knowledge about various aspects IT field. He needs to mention these aspects in his resume and in order to have a porper resume he needs to refer to an IT administrator resume template.

Sample IT administrator resume template

Name: _____________ Date of birth: _____________[dd/mm/yy format]

Career objective:

  • I aspire to make a career in the field of information technology as an IT administrator and excel in my job position by making best use of _____________________ [list all the specific skills and experiences that the individual wants to apply]

Educational qualification:

  • High school diploma from ________________ [name of the school] in the year ______________ [year of completion]
  • Bachelors in Information Technology from ________________ [name of the college] in the year ______________ [year of completion]

Qualification highlights

: [highlight all the relevant knowledge, skills and abilities of the individual that qualify him for the job position of an IT administrator]

  • Knowledge in _____________________ [mention the various software]
  • Deep knowledge of hardware and computer peripherals like ________________
  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________

Contact details:

Address: _______________________

Phone number: _________________

E mail id: ________________

Professional experience:

As IT administrator in _______________ [name of the organization] from _____________ [date of joining] till ________________ [date of leaving]. I was responsible for:

• _________________

• _________________

• _________________

• _________________

[mention the particular job duties that the individual had to perform]