An Irrigation Manager is responsible for overseeing the process and development so an irrigation project. He also heads planning and facilitates workers to direct them to follow the instruction and design of the project. His responsibility also includes hiring of workers and purchasing equipments that are to be used in the project. His aim is to find effective and durable materials but also minimizing cost as much as possible.

Irrigation Manager Resume Template

Ron Thomas

N Front Dr, CO

Colorado Springs, 85473

Phone: (879) 859-1516


A highly qualified and experiences person seeking to be employed as an Irrigation Manager for an irrigation company

Summary of Qualification

  • Specializing in installation of pipelines for irrigation
  • Knowledge in pipe materials such as PVC, ABS, brass and other materials used for irrigation
  • Adept in design and planning of jobs for irrigation installments
  • Can work under minimal supervision and a team player

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Irrigation Manager, Colorado Irrigation Inc

  • Supervised workers in the installation of irrigation system for different projects
  • Responsible for hiring manpower for the company
  • Attended and conducted seminars with the major field of irrigation
  • Handles machineries used for installing irrigation plans
  • Submits reports and development of projects and also suggest additional information as needed

2005-2007: Field Personnel, Colorado Irrigation Inc

  • Handled installation, testing and approval of irrigation projects for the company
  • Monitors and checks disposal of equipments to ensure proper allocation of materials within the company
  • Submits reports and inventory of materials to supervisors for compilation and disbursements of funds
  • Handled field testing of soil samples to comply with standards for irrigation systems
  • Purchased and delivered materials to site


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Harvard University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request