Investment Banking Resume Template

Investment banking resume template is useful for the all who want to apply for the job as an investment banker in the various industries.The positions of junior or senior investment banker are available with many finance and accounts firms.

They perform the various tasks like, internal and external audit. They perform audit for the client companies and other analytical calculations for the companies and clients. This job also includes the documentation of all the data related audit and other activities and making of the financial reports.

Investment Banking Resume Template

Martha Johns
25 Wales Street
Phoenix, Arizona 02834

Phone: (234) 286524

Want to join a reputed investment company as an investment banker.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Approximately 10 years experience of investment banking in investment banking industry.
  • Good knowledge of finance and banking sector.
  • Excellent analytical skill.


• Investment banker of the year award for 2009 at present company.
• Certificate from the state level for introducing new methodology in banking sector.

Career Experience/Job History:

J & C Co., Arizona, US
Senior investment banker

  • Performing various analytical calculations for various tasks.
  • Audit for own company s well as for the client companies.

Whites Brothers Finance Co., Arizona, US

Investment banker

  • I was assisting the senior investment banker in the audit work.
  • I was making the reports and the data documentation for the audits for own company and for the client companies.


MA in Finance, University of Montana, US

BA in Finance, University of Iowa, US

Professional References Upon Request

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