Insurance sales agent resume template is used for detailing the career objective, academic record and professional experience of an applicant who wish to work as an insurance sales agent. The insurance sales agent is one who sells insurance policies of different kinds to the prospective customers. The ability of such an agent is measured by the amount of insurance policies he or she can sell. Hence, it is important to elaborate the traits essentially so that the employer could best judge the deserving candidate.

Sample Insurance Sales Agent Resume Template:

Insurance Sales Agent Resume

Candidate’s Name:


Phone no.

Email address:

Date of Birth:

[mention all personal details accurately]

Objective:  Having gained professional experience and skills, I would like to be associated with a reputed Insurance company as an Insurance Sales Agent.

Prior Work Experience: [State the previous work experiences and specify the duties accordingly]

1. ______________________________ [name of company], _______ to ___________ [year]
Role: ____________________________


  • ________________________________
  • ______________________________
  • ______________________________

2. _________________________ [company name], ______ to _______ [year]

Role: _____________________


  • _____________________________
  • ____________________________
  • _____________________________

Educational Qualifications: [Specify all the education acquired that is relevant to this field]

  • High School Degree or GED with ________ GPA/ percentile, from _______________________ [school], _______ [year]
  • Bachelor’s Degree in ________ [specify stream of education], Major: _________—, from __________________________ [State college/ university name], ________ [year]
  • Master’s Degree in ____________, Major: ________, from __________________, ________.

Work References:

1. Name of Employer/ Company: _______________

Address: _______________________

2. Company: _____________________

Address: ___________________________