An insurance receptionist resume template is a pre-developed layout for including the qualification and eligibility particulars of a certain individual applying for the job of an insurance receptionist. An insurance receptionist is one who receives information regarding various insurance policies and deliver details of the same to the prospective customer(s). The resume of such a professional should thus be replete with suitable and necessary details of career objectives as an insurance receptionist and academic criterions fulfilled as well as job experiences in the respective field. Hence, the resume template should be properly framed with enough spaces provided for specific details and descriptions.

Sample Insurance Receptionist Resume Template:

Insurance Receptionist Resume

Personal Details:

Name: _____________________________________

D.O.B: __ __/ __ __/ __ __ __ __                                                          Age: ________ years

Gender: _________ [M/F]

Permanent address: ___________________________________________________________

Contact details: ____________________________

[Mention the important details that should be included in the resume of an insurance receptionist such as name, identification details, contact number(s), etc.]

Professional goal:

With my clear and complete knowledge of the insurance policies and corresponding jargons and buzzwords, communication and interpersonal skills, office etiquettes and other mannerisms that are essential to deal with customer, I would like to attain the objective(s) of ______________________________ [mention the goal of the individual] as an insurance receptionist at_____________________ [give the name of the respective company or agency]

Skills exhibited:

  • __________________________________
  • __________________________________
  • __________________________________

[Mention details of the skills of the respective receptionist for effective performance in the insurance field. Herein should also be included details of strengths and the licenses acquired and certificates received]

Job highlights:

____________________________ [Earlier place of work]

________________________ [Designation]

____________________________ [Duties and responsibilities]

[Give relevant details of the individual’s earlier work records]

Trainings and Experience gained:

  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________

[Mention relevant details of training sessions and workshops attended, projects prepared, and experiences gained from varied sources]

Educational background:

  • B.A degree (hons.) in ______________________________
  • _________________________________ [specializations, if any]
  • _________________________________    [other academic records]

[Give a brief but compact idea of necessary academic records]


_________________________ [Name]

___________________________________ [Mailing address]

_______________________ [contact number]

[Give authentic details of the person or company by whom the name of the receptionist has been referred]


Insurance Resume