An insurance customer service resume template is a document which acts as a guide to the creation and composition of an insurance customer service professional’s CV. Such a person is in charge of handling clients and client problems on a large scale, and he is the face of the company. Any insurance deal, after being inked, must be followed through with a careful and conscientious customer service backup. The aspirant to such a post must present a strong and impressive resume detailing his educational background and his prior work experience in this field or an allied field.

Sample Insurance Customer Service Resume Template:

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details



Contact number [Mention the relevant personal details of the candidate wishing to apply for the post of an insurance customer service]

Career Objective:

I wish to attain the following for the insurance company which shall employ me:

  • _____________________________________

[Mention the career objectives of the candidate which shall most profit the insurance company as well as be conducive to his professional growth]

Educational Qualification and Vocational Training:

  • High school diploma or GED in the year ___________________ from ______________
  • Bachelor’s degree in _______________________  from _____________________.
  • Any other certifications or degrees: ______________________________ [Mention the educational background of the candidate, including only those which are relevant to his desired career of an insurance customer service]

Previous Work Experience:

  • ______________ to ____________________: Worked as _______________ in ______________
  • __________________ to ____________________: Worked as _____________ in _____________ [Mention the prior work experience of the candidate in a way that employers can judge the merits of employing him as an insurance customer service professional]_________________________ [Mention relevant skills]