An insurance assistant resume template is a model document which can be used while framing other such documents and curriculum vitae. An insurance assistant is involved in handling the technicalities of the negotiations between the client and the insurance agent or the insurance company. Sometime insurance agents can also be referred to as insurance assistants, though the term implies a more secretarial job position. An aspiring insurance assistant’s resume template must endeavor to present his educational and professional qualifications in the best light.

Sample Insurance Assistant Resume Template:


Personal Information:



Contact number

[Mention the personal details of the applicant to the post of insurance assistant]

Career objective:

I define career and professional success in the field of insurance as ____________________, and my aim as an insurance assistant will be to ________________________. [State briefly the manner in which the candidate approaches his career and the mindset and aim with which he wished to embark on this career of insurance assistant]

Educational Background:

  • High school diploma or equivalent GED.
  • _____________ to ____________ [years ]: Studied at _____________________ [name of educational institution], obtaining specialization in ______________________ [subject]
  • Insurance assistance training obtained from _______________ [name of institution] in the years _____________ to ___________________.

Professional work experience:

  • Worked as ______________________ [name of position] in _________________[ institution/company] from _______________ [year] to ______________ [year]
  • Worked as __________________ [Name of position] in ___________ [company] from ____________ [year] to ______________ [year]

Professional skills:

These are following skills I possess which render me suitable for the post of insurance assistant:

  • ________________________
  • _________________________
  • _________________________ [Mention relevant skills]