The insurance agency manager resume template is a pre-developed layout used by the candidate to explicate his career details lucidly. The insurance agency manager is responsible for supervising his subordinates, improving the sales of an insurance policy and identifying the need of the organization. Hence, the resume must emphasize on the managerial and communication skills of the applicant as well as his or her leadership abilities that are generally soughed for this position.

Sample Insurance Agency Manager Resume Template:

Insurance Agency Manager Resume

Name: ______________________________

Date of Birth: ___/___/_____

Contact Information:


Phone no.:

Email Address:

Career Objective: I wish to showcase my managerial and leadership capacity by acquiring a position as the Insurance Agency Manager in a renowned Insurance Company.

Education Background:[Provide a detailed account of all education received in an organized manner]

  • High School Diploma from ____________ [name of school], with ___ GPA, ____ [year]
  • Bachelor of Arts in _________________ [state the major], from __________________ [specify name of institution], ______ [year]
  • ________________________________________________________ [Specify any other educational qualification]

Professional Experience: [State all work experience gathered till date pertaining to this career field]

  • _____________________________ [ name of the earlier employer], _____ to _____ [year]Position: ________________Responsibilities:
  • _______________________ [name of the earlier employer], ______ to ________ [year]
    Position: _______________

Abilities: [Specify qualities that will be regarded beneficial for this job position]

  • ______________________________
  • ________________________________
  • _________________________________
    References: [Provide references from previous employers]

1. Employer Name:


2. Employer Name: