The insurance account manager is responsible for ensuring that all insurance claims that are being handled by different agents are executed correctly. Thus, the resume for such a candidate needs to ascertain the different academic and professional qualifications acquired. The construction of such a resume needs to be done carefully wherein the focus is given on the skills and abilities of the applicant. This could be accomplished by the help of an insurance account manager resume template, which are flexible as well as effective in nature.

Sample Insurance Account Manager Resume Template:

Insurance Account Manager Resume



Email address: ____________________

Contact No.:_________________

Date of Birth:___/___/_____

Career Objective:

I am looking to establish myself as a responsible and efficient Insurance Account Manager in a well-known company and apply my managerial skills in this field.

Education Background: [State the education acquired in a sequential manner]

  • High School Degree with _______ GPA, _______ [year]
  • Bachelor of _________ [specify whether arts, science or other] in ______________ [ specify the subject], from ____________________________ [state the college/ university], _______ [year]
  • ________________________________________________________________
    ________________________________________________ [State any other educational degree, certifications acquired]

Qualities and Skills:  [State all the professional abilities of the applicant]

  • _______________________________________
  • _______________________________________
  • _______________________________________
  • _______________________________________

Prior Work  Experience: [Mention the duties and responsibilities taken up at different insurance organizations]

  1. ______________________________, _______to_____ [year]
    Role: __________________________
  • ___________________________
  • ____________________________
  • ____________________________
  1. ______________________________, __________ to__________ [year]
    Role: ________________________
  • _________________________
  • _________________________
  • __________________________

Achievements: [Specify both academic and professional achievements, if any]

  • _____________________________
  • ______________________________