Infection Control Practitioners are responsible for containing infectious diseases and virus from contaminating humans and living things.  They are trained healthcare practitioners and are knowledgeable in infectious diseases and control practices.  They usually work in hospitals and laboratories where infectious diseases are abundant and may pose harm to living things especially human beings.  These practitioners inform and educate the public about prevention of contamination and measures against further contamination.

Architectural Intern Resume Template

Lannie Jameson

1243 Barriston Road

Oklahoma,  8923

Phone: (212) 210-2100


Experienced professional seeking for a position as Architectural Intern in a challenging work environment

Summary of Qualification

  • Remarkable experience in hospital infection control
  • Highly skilled in identifying signs and symptoms of infection in persons through observation and medical procedures
  • Able to provide immediate aide to persons with infections and can speedily make reports
  • With abilities to educate people on the risks and hazards of infections and how to treat such infections

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Infection Control Practitioner, Buena Medical Hospital

  • Created educational materials for infection prevention, control and treatment
  • Collected infection data from departments and made records for each case
  • Did investigations for the incidents of infection in the hospital
  • Did rounds and inspections in all departments and wards for possible infection
  • Planned and conducted training seminars and exercises for the hospital staff
  • Procured supplies and ensured that they are made readily available for everyone in the hospital
  • Coordinated with other departments especially during incidences of widespread infection

2004-2008: Infection Control Practitioner, Midwest Doctor’s Hospital

  • Evaluated overall hospital heath risks using standards from different professional organizations
  • Developed a hygiene plan for all the departments of the hospital to follow


2000-2004: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Oaklahoma

2006: Training in Infectious Disease and Control, Alastaire Technical Learning Center

Professional reference will be furnished upon request