Human Rights Lawyers defend clients under court cases who have cases of human rights violations.  They are responsible for investigating cases by searching for evidences and using these to win arguments in court.  Human Rights Lawyers advocate human rights by developing awareness of local and international human rights provisions as stipulated by constitutions and by laws of a state or a country.

Human Rights Lawyer Resume Template

Roger Maddison

9090 Montclair

New Jersey, 78989

Phone: (212) 210-2100


Highly experienced professional seeking for a position as Human Rights Lawyer

Summary of Qualification

  • With 3 years experience practicing human rights law commercially and voluntarily
  • Have proficient knowledge in child advocacy, gender justice, human rights theory and  immigration law
  • With exceptional skills in writing compositions and other communication skills
  • Highly trained in public speaking and handling situations requiring interaction with the public and the media
  • Excellent in undertaking investigations and gathering of evidences for court trials

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Human Rights Lawyer, Constance Hide and Associates

  • Represented the company in cases involving human rights violations including political prisoners, child abuse, unjust labor practice for women employees, access to government services
  • Advised clients in handling agreements and settlements by thoroughly presenting the case to them and educate them of their privileges
  • Published and reproduced newsletters, brochures and pamphlets advocating human rights and exposing human rights violations
  • Collected evidences through investigations and thoroughly reviewed details in lieu of legal matters and provisions
  • Ensured the proper implementation of agreements, payments and settlements of both parties

2004 – 2008: Litigation Attorney, Spencer and Jones

  • Executed management and administrative functions
  • Reviewed and evaluated company agreements and contracts
  • Assisted in the review of legal matters in the company’s departments


2000-2004: Bachelor of Arts in Law, Montclair University

2005: Certificate in Human Rights Theory and History, Montclair University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request