An HR business partner resume template must be a framing document for the curriculum vitae of an HR business partner. The chief task of an HR business partner is to manage the affairs of a corporate firm on a day to day basis and keep himself updated on the financial aspects of his company. This requires considerable educational and professional expertise, which the resume must highlight. Hence, an HR business resume template must provide a good guide to the manner in which such a document must be composed.

Sample HR Business Partner Resume Template:


Post: HR Business Partner

Address: __________________________

Contact details: _____________________ [Provide the personal information about the aspiring HR business partner]

Career Statement:

The need for an HR business partner lies in such a person’s ability to do _____________________ [Mention the job duties and responsibilities which an HR business partner is expected to perform]

Educational Background:

  • High school diploma in the year _____________ from _____________ [name of school]
  • Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from ________________ [institution] in the year __________.
  • Obtained Master’s degree in management from _________________ [institution] in the year ________________.

Training courses, workshops and seminars attended:

  • ____________________
  • ____________________ [Mention the allied courses pursued and completed by the aspirant HR business partner]

Prior work experience:

  • Worked in __________________ [company] in the capacity of ______________ [post] from ___________ to  _____________ [years]
  • Worked in __________________ [company] in the capacity of ______________ [post] from ___________ to  _____________ [years]

Awards and recognitions received:

  • ________________________
  • _______________________ [Mention the awards and recognitions received by the aspirant HR business partner]___________________
  1. From _______ to ________ [years], I served as _______________ [specify the previous job position] at ___________ [name of company/companies].

Job Responsibilities Performed:

  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________


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