With several people getting laid off due to recession every company is facing the problem of too many applicants. This makes it difficult for those who are handling the applications and going through each resume is time consuming. It is best to keep your resumes short and well defined so that the person can look through it fast and know what your capabilities are. For this the resume should be done carefully and precisely.

For optimum results there are a few crucial points which should be included in your resume. Instead of putting down your job experiences and the responsibilities it is better to emphasize your achievements and strengths. This gives the interviewer a better idea of your capabilities. Give as many references as possible of the companies which have appreciated your work both verbally and also through commendation letters. If you are exceptionally good in a particular field make sure you mention this in your resume. These could be skills in making presentations or any other such thing.

If you have a blog or any other online profile you could give this as a reference too as this is surely going to take your resume another step forward towards the interview. Describe your own personality with positive terms so that the interviewer gains confidence in you. Let them know that you are a person who builds a good rapport with other colleagues, helps those whenever required, are quick to learn and grasp the work and also good in organizing other things.