“Graduation completed and what’s next?” is the only question which many students ask themselves.  Most of the students, who have graduated, look for jobs, few choose to study further but most of them search for a job so that they could be financially independent.

To get a job they need a resume. Resume is very important as it contains the summary of their skills and talent. Cracking an interview and getting recruited depends on the resume. Most of the students find it difficult and confusing while writing a resume.

How to write a resume? What comes first? What comes last? How to present it?  Are the few doubts which bug the students. To clear all of them few guidelines are mentioned below.

Here is the guide to how to write a resume for graduation students.

  • Remember that it’s the resume that get’s you a job. So please take care while putting any information about yourself in it.
  • Be honest about yourself and don’t boast about your achievements.
  • Write and make lists of things if you are a hundred percent sure about those things.
  • Firstly, start your resume by dividing it into sections.
  • On the top right of the page, give your name, your current residing address, your contact number and your email id. If you have a pin code/ area code mention it.

Example:   Name: xyxyxyx

Address: 123a/b h.no

Contact no:123654

Mail id : abc@xyz.com

  • Now leave some space and start from the left of your page.
  • Start with your career objective. Make sure that you mention your career objective clearly without being ambiguous. If you show any signs that you are not clear about your goals then the chances of you getting hired become less.
  • Make sure that there are sections created, use side headings, and use bold text while typing side headings.
  • After mentioning career objective, then mention your education history.
  • List out your education qualifications; use a tablature if you want to.
  • Mention your qualifications, institute names, years and the scores which you got clearly under education history or education qualification side heading
  • After mentioning your education qualifications, give a brief list of your skills under skills and abilities side heading.
  • Make sure that those skills you’ve mentioned are not exaggerated or false.
  • Next, under strength and weakness side heading and list out your strength and weakness (if you have any).
  • Give a list of your achievements under the same heading.
  • Give them your experience records under experience section.
  • List out your projects along with their title, year and a brief explanation about them under projects title.
  • Give a list of curricular, co curricular activities with their name, place and year under that column.
  • Mention the list of your extracurricular activities in which you’ve been a part of. Give their names and your achievements under extracurricular activities title.
  • Finally, give them your personal profile which includes your name, your father name, and your date of birth, languages and hobbies under personal profile title.
  • Lastly write a sentence that whatever mentioned above was authentic. And on the bottom left leave a section for your signature and mention your name in it.
  • Use bold and italic text in appropriate places and make your resume presentable.

Remember quitters never win. Don’t stop trying. Believe in yourself.