Cover letter is a very important document that is to be submitted along with resume. There are various opinions, some even conflicting, about how your cover letter should be. Below are few guidelines about how to write an impressive cover letter.

It is recommended that you take different opinions about your cover letter and incorporate the suggestions that you deem best and appropriate for you. Basically there are three important things you should consider when you write a cover letter.

  1. Count all the words
  2. Target your audience by providing specific information of interest to your audiences. Showcase how you are right choice for the job and what makes you different from others.
  3. Establish right flow and connect with target audience.

Treat cover letter as the document of highest importance in your efforts to search for a job. It is this document that determines if you are called up for interview. Most often after the interview is done, committees do discuss your cover letter. A cover letter that has been written without much consideration shows poorly on the candidate’s part. Cover letter should be impressive enough to grab the attention of the audience and compel them to give you a chance at interview.

The first paragraph should always give a brief introduction of you. Since your resume contains all the educational and professional qualifications and work experience, don’t mention them in the cover letter. Cover letter should not come across as another resume with different format. Second paragraph may contain about your philosophy of work. Like how do you approach your work and your attitude towards professional commitment.

The third paragraph should end the letter by mentioning why you are right for the job and how you see yourself fit the vacant position. The other details must cover your what all attachments you are enclosing and your availability.



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