The correctly formatted resume with a good content will get you higher chances for the interview calls. Generally, a resume provides the potential employers with the information like the employment background and education. As the employers are expecting the candidates to fill out particular job requirements, it is very essential to tailor the resume for each of the employer.

The best way to achieve this is to know how to write a good resume template. Generally a template includes fundamental facts, but doesn’t include particular details.

Here are some guidelines on writing a good resume template.

Gather your details

Collect the information about your past employment. To finish the resume template, you require your present contact information, past employers list, location of the employer, employment dates and the job positions held.

Creating the template

Go to the program of word processing and create a new document. You have to select ‘Save as’ for saving the document. Name the document and save it to your desired location. With this you have created a new template document now.

Contact details

Include your contact details into your template which should be centered on top of the document. Include your name, address, phone number and your email address.


Frame headings for important components of the resume including the employment history, objective, skills and education sections. For every heading, use a bold font.

Your employment and educational background

Enter the data of your employment history including your past employers, locations of the employer, employment dates and the job positions held. Also fill your educational background and that from most recent to the older ones.

Save the template

Now save and close the template which you have created. Now your template is ready for the further use.