The first thing which the employer reads is your cover letter. From the cover letter, employer decides whether the resume is worth to read or not. So this cover letter acts as your first hurdle which should be overcome initially. Writing this kind of letter is not much difficult. As this makes the first impression, you should carefully plan to write your cover letter.

For this you should have a little bit idea of how to write a cover letter template for a resume. There are different ways of writing this letter. Here we are mentioning one of the ways which can help you in formatting your cover letter template.

Instructions before you start writing

Even if the job application does not suggest any cover letter, it is always better to include that with the resume. Cover letter is like an invitation which you provide for the employer to view your resume. Before you begin to write the cover letter, it is always better to perform some research about the firm to which you apply for. This always helps you in understanding about what the firm is expecting from the candidates. This helps you in writing your cover letter in a better way.

Letter introduction

Start with the date which should be on the right side on top of the page. Leave a line and write a salutation in the left alignment. If you are familiar with the employer’s name, include his/her last name and always use a formal tone in your letter.

Body of the letter

Then in the body of your letter, include an introductory paragraph. Mention your name and also the reason for writing. Explain how you discovered about the job opening.

Customizing the template

Include your skills and work history in the further 2 paragraphs. Demonstrate how these skills and experiences are related to the current job opening. This is a very good moment to show your research about their business or firm. Your research plays a very important role in customizing the template.

Closing the letter

In the last paragraphs, thank the employer for taking his/her valuable time. Then close the letter with the word ‘Sincerely’. Leave some space and include your name, phone number and email address one under the other. This should be on the left side of the page.

Review your cover letter

Carefully review your cover letter. Ensure that the company name and the job position are correct. Make sure that the experience and skills you have mentioned in your cover letter are relevant to the job opening.