The application forms and resumes are the 2 ways of providing the employers with the skills and qualifications. Normally similar details appear on application form and resume. But the way of presentation differs. Some employers only prefer resume whereas some others need application form. Resume is mainly preferred for almost all kinds of jobs now. Being aware of how to write a basic resume for a job shall always helps you.

Here are the steps which can guide you when you prepare your resume.

A resume should be presented well, concise, short, and accurate; and it should not contain any grammatical and spelling mistakes. Now-a-days the resumes are basically computer generated.

Your details

Start your resume with a heading including your name, address, telephone number and also your email address. You should write your name always in the bold print and capitals. Always leave some space between each part of the resume.


The section in your resume states your objectives. Based on the education level or your age you have entered, you may declare your ultimate career target. Ensure that this is some way related to your job which you are applying for. You can write simply as you want to gain experience in a specific area like child care, sales and so on if you don’t decide your final career.


The next section should specify your education. Mention the year in which you have completed your education. You can also specify about the courses which you have done.


Next comes your experience. If you have any experience, list them all in this section. You should also include the duties which you dealt in your job. Frame it in a concise way and include which are most relevant to the job.

Definite abilities

Your definite abilities may include speaking another language, consisting of driver’s license, relevant hobbies and your typing speed.

Cover letter

You also try to include a cover letter in your resume. It should be directed to a particular person. If you are not having any idea about the in charge of recruiting, you can call and inquire. In your cover letter you can provide a heading which you have provided in your resume. The cover letter states your interested position, and often shows the enthusiasm and interest about the possible job. Cover letter should always be brief.