A hospital pharmacist is an individual who works in a hospital pharmacy and is responsible for various job duties. These candidates purchases the medicine, looks after the inventory of the medicines and are responsible for dispensing the medicines as per the prescriptions. In order to draft an effective resume for this job position, hospital pharmacist resume template proves to be of great help.

Sample Hospital Pharmacist Resume Template:


Personal Information: [In this section provide the personal details of the candidate]

Name: ______________

Address: ___________________

Phone Number 1: ___________

Phone Number 2: ___________

E-mail id: ____________

Date of Birth: ___/ ____/ ____

Marital Status: ________

Objectives: I wish to be a part of the reputed hospital as hospital pharmacist where I can use my years of experience and skill sets in an effective manner.

Academic Details: [Give the educational details of the candidate]

  • Passed Diploma in __________[ name of the diploma] from ___________ [name of the medical institute] in the year of ___________ [passed year]
  • Obtained Bachelors of _________name of the degree] degree from ___________ [name of the college] in ________ [year of degree]

Professional Experience: [State the candidature record of the candidate in order to express his/ her eligibility for this job position]

Duration Served Medical institution/ hospital Job Position Job Duties Performed
From ______to _________ XXXX XXXX XXX



From ______to _________ XXXX XXXX XXX



Summary of Skills: [write the abilities, skills and knowledge of the candidate]

  • A good team player with sound communication skills
  • Knowledge of preparing pharmaceutical records and documentation
  • _________
  • _________


Can be provided upon request.