Horticulturists are trained to know just about everything about plants, from ferns to flowers, tomato plants to trees, whether for food or for ornamentation.  They are trained to grow, analyze, treat and maintain the plants used in gardens and parks in the name of aesthetic beauty and environmental health. In addition, they have the skills to micro-manage the landscapes designed by architects for homeowners, hotels, resorts and parks.  They can also harness their knowledge to advise pharmaceutical companies and labs in developing herbicides

Horticulturist Resume Template

Jennifer B. Allen

Belvedere, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone:  404-552-3387



To be a Horticulturist in a major public park or botanical garden

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 7 years of experience as a Horticulturist for a local gardening company serving large ornamental gardens, parks and golf courses.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

Career Experience / Job History

2002 – Present: Horticulturist Consultant, Johnson Garden Services

  • Meet with fellow horticulturists, gardening associations and government agencies about plant cultivation, greenhouse management and preservation of parks and botanical gardens in the metropolis
  • Perform research studies on gardening products such as pesticides, fertilizers and cross-breeding techniques
  • Conduct horticulture training series for homeowners, landscape architects and administrators of parks and resorts
  • Demonstrate new products or services
  • Carry out applied and field research on chemical products for encouraging off-season growth of plants and orchid blooms.
  • Conduct field testing on herbicides and chemicals for controlling plant diseases
  • Attend conferences and seminars on emerging technologies on horticulture trends and technologies.


2003 – Present:  various in-house and 3rd party seminars on horticulture trends and developments, pest control, and gardening sciences

2001 – 2003:  Associate in Horticulture, Columbus Technical College, Georgia

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.