Having a Covering Letter for your Résumé

It’s a common practice to have a thoroughly complete and updated résumé detailing all your work experiences and academic background.  The form is pretty much a standard template that anyone and downloads from the net.  HR recruiters are quite familiar with these forms and take them as a routine reading in their work to screen applicants.

But one thing that adds personality to a résumé is the covering letter.  Most applicants would use different covering letters addressed to different HR departments in various companies when submitting the same templated résumé. Some will just vary the addressee while some will create distinct content on the covering letter to target specific jobs.  Either way, the covering letter should create a good reason why your employer would want to look in your résumé in more detail.

The covering letter is basically more than just a summary of your credentials.  It offers the opportunity for you to lure, entice, influence and give your employer the compulsion to consider you.  One overriding quality of a covering letter is that the language should be so fluid as to be read quickly while getting the message that you’re worth the time for the employer to read through the rest of the résumé.

In short, if the résumé aims to get you to the interview stage, a covering letter gives reason to take a serious look on the résumé. The keywords in your covering letter that attract the employer’s attention are your current position, and the highlights of your experience and education which are basically the headings in your résumé you can use creatively as teasers to get your employer to read the résumé.

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