Golf Course Technician Resume Template

Golf courses have becomes very popular from mini city golf courses to large out of town golf resorts.  These golf courses can be considered the largest artificial lawns and their greens and natural surrounds need to be maintained by a team of Golf Course Technicians who are basically horticulturists, pesticide experts, landscape artists all rolled into one profession.  Using the landscape architect’s original design blueprints as guide, as well as documented course enhancements, the golf course technician provide the necessary support to ensure the course remains as good as or better than when it started.

Golf Course Technician Resume Template

Ray G. Parks

Eastern St., Tampa, Florida

Phone: 772- 897-7998


Looking for a position as a Golf Course Technician for a major golf resort company

Summary of Qualification

  • 16 years of experience as a Golf Course Technician in a large golf resort club
  • Above average command if the spoken and written English language.

Career Experience/Job History

1994 – Present:  Golf Course Technician, Tampa Golf Resorts

  • Perform the maintenance of golf course, tees, greens and fairways to their landscaped specifications.
  • Assist in the construction of new course extensions
  • Maintain the necessary hand tools and equipment for manicuring the course
  • Operate and maintain pumps and irrigation systems
  • Seed, fertilize and aerate the golf course
  • Test soil conditions for artificial fertilization
  • Perform diagnosis of plant infestation and apply herbicides and pesticides
  • Prepare work reports and orders
  • Work outdoors in all sorts of weather to check on all course ground facilities
  • Trim and manicure the hedges and shrubberies and ensure that growth of  trees remain under control.


1990 – 1994: Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, Iowa State University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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