Get your Résumé In A Website

Getting tech savvy with your résumé is the trend these days that in many situations, can land to in the right jobs.  HR recruiters and employers have likewise grown technically adept to look into other emerging channels to get their job vacancies filled out.  One area that many job seekers can use to distribute their résumés is a website and there are many host providers that offer free web hosting.

Wouldn’t it be great to just send to an employer your introductory letter by email containing a URL of your personal website he or she can click and access from an email?  Many freelance graphics artists, web pager developers and musicians have one.

With a website you can do just about anything to make your online résumé both informative and aesthetically appealing to browse through.  You can have it spiced with media-rich content to detail your personal and professional experience while making the experience less taxing than merely reading them in a text intensive résumé.  For artists, the résumé website is an excellent medium to post a portfolio of their works.  These can be an image gallery of snapshots taken of their works, mp3 files of their musical compositions and also URLs of sites containing their works.

Even professionals like architects and doctors engaged in private practice use the website as their virtual résumé with simpler media embellishments just to take out the monotony of reading conventional résumés.  Writers and journalists, as well as editors can also post their works in these websites as well as post URLs to point to their publication in other sites.

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