The Fruit Harvest Workers job falls under the broader career category of Farm Workers and Laborers.  They manually plant and use farm tools cultivate and harvest fruits. They selects fruit to be harvested, according to size, shape, color and harvesting method appropriate for type of fruit exercising care to avoid plant and fruit damage. Responsibilities may include tilling soil and applying fertilizers, weeding, cleaning, packing and loading harvested fruits and constructions of trellises, repair fences or participate in irrigation activities.

Fruit Harvest Worker Resume Template

Maxine Binnet

3456 Orchard Alley

Lexington, Kentucky 2354

Phone: (647)635-7464


Responsible and organized person seeking for a position as Fruit Harvest Worker

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to identify fruit disease or problem
  • Patient and hardworking person
  • Knowledgeable in mixing chemicals for pest and weed control
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Mechanical knowledge of harvesting machines and tools
  • Organized, flexible and ability to work with team
  • Good grasp of instructions delivered

Career Experiences:

2009- To present: Fruit Harvest Worker; Delights Fruit Farm; Lexington, Kentucky

  • Harvested, sorted, and packed fruits
  • Applied fertilizers when necessary
  • Performed tilling of soil and weeding
  • Clear and maintain irrigation ditches
  • Record daily information about crops harvested
  • Inform farm managers of crop progress
  • Dig and plant seeds by hand
  • Load harvested fruits into truck to market or storage

2006-2008: Crop Harvest Worker; Freshie’s Fruit Farm; Lexington, Kentucky

  • Harvest crops by hand
  • Sort, pack and list necessary crop information before loading into trucks to market
  • Manually till soil and plant new seeds
  • Applying herbicides and pesticides to crops
  • Participate in the inspection of post harvested crops
  • Monitor the work load for casual and seasonal planting and harvesting

Education: 2000-2005; High School Diploma; Lexington High School; Kentucky

Professional references would be provided upon request