Freelance Designer Resume template

A freelance designer, as the name suggests, is generally a self-employed professional, who excels in creating designs for banners, posters, dresses, homes, offices and also for websites. Accordingly they are classified as graphics designer, interior designer and web-page designer. Irrespective of the classification, the primary requirement for a freelance designer is to have a good sense of art and painting and should be naturally innovative. Excellence in this field comes largely from experience and so, a freelance designer resume must highlight the professional experiences of the candidate.

Sample Freelance Designer Resume template

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Profile

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Sex:
  • Address:
  • Phone No.:
  • Marital Status:
  • Employment Status:

Career Statement

To utilize my designing skills to the fullest to meet requirements of clients of repute. I am sure that my abilities to ______________________ [Special features of the applicant] will bring a new dimension to the client’s business.

Professional Profile

  1. Worked with/for ___________________ [Name of the client company] as a _______________ [Job Position] from year _________ to __________.
  1. Responsibilities included:
  2. Responsibilities included:
    1. _________________________
    2. _________________________
    3. _________________________
  1. Worked with/for ___________________ [Name of the client company] as a _______________ [Job Position] from year _________ to __________.
  • _________________________
  • _________________________
  • _________________________

Academic Profile

  • Graduated in Designing and Fine Arts from _______________ [Name of the Institute] in the year ___________.
  • Undergone a diploma course in Website designing from __________ [Name of the Institute] in the year ______________.

Achievements (Academic and Professional)

  • Awarded the Best Menswear Designer from _______________ [Name of the Awarding Authority] for ________________ [Notable credits] in the year ____________.

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