There are tremendous opportunities in legal field. The remuneration is also very high and the career is very lucrative. Law students can work in any mid size or large scale organizations. They can even chose to work in legal consultancy firm or set up their own legal consultancies. Every big or small organization needs the legal professionals. There are many areas of specializations for the law graduates like litigations and lawsuits, criminal laws, banking and finance, employment and company laws, settlements, etc. Free law resume template is for helping law students and professionals in writing their CV.

Free Law Resume Template

Andrew Raymonds

3459, New Street
Long Highlands, MA 04769

Phone: (245) 2964296

Seeking an opportunity to work with a big organization or leading law firm that and help me use my knowledge and skills in federal laws.
Summary of Qualifications:

•Sound knowledge of various federal laws

•Aware of regulations and guidelines related to banking and finance related operations.

•Have represented many clients in legal litigations and successfully factored settlements.
Career Experience/Job History:
Marks Financial Advisors
Consultant – Legal

•Provide appropriate suggestions and solutions to the clients related to various finance related federal laws.

•Represent clients in courts in various payment related litigations.

Vasool Legal Consultants
Legal Consultant

• Represent client in courts for finance related litigations.

• Handle legal paperwork for the clients.


• Was top performer at Vasool Legal Consultants for year 2001.
• Two time swimming champion for Florida State.

2000 -2002
University of Southern California, Masters of Law

Florida State University, Bachelors of Law

References upon request