A Forest Ecologist conducts research and carries out studies in environmental factors affecting forests, different climatic factors which are affecting the growth of the trees and plants present in the forest. He studies the classification, varieties of trees, life history, light and soil requirements, and resistance to disease and insects of different species. The Forest Ecologist’s main task is to make different researches on the classifications of plant and trees in the forest and implement techniques to maintain the ecosystem.

Forest Ecologist Resume Template

Heather Vandolf

25-C Eagle St.

Seattle, Washington 2423

Phone: (659)007-6004



Responsible and dynamic professional seeking for a position as Forest Ecologist

Summary of Qualifications:

  • In depth knowledge of different procedures and techniques to conduct researches
  • Excellent potential to understand scientific and organizational skills
  • Strong background of ecological study
  • Fully aware of the new and updated environmental policies
  • Good analytical and reasoning abilities
  • Team player, detail oriented  and hardworking
  • Ability to use computer programs

Career Experiences:

2007-2011: Forest Ecologist: Ecology Partners Inc., San Jose, California

  • On site surveying and gathering of data
  • Record and monitor species and their habitats
  • Involved in policy making and management work
  • Research and review on environmental impact assessment
  • Make reports done on site
  • Lead preservation and protection programs for awareness
  • Conducted surveys on the harmful effects of human intervention to destruction to natural environmental cycles

2004-2006: Associate Ecologist: Lumber Jack Constructors Inc., San Jose, California

  • Handled ecology projects assigned
  • Report and record findings and present recommendations
  • Assisted Head Forest Ecologists on projects with timelines
  • Conducts trainings to new staff
  • Active participation on marine life preservation and endangered species  protection programs
  • Performed field work necessary

Education: 2000-2003: Masters in Ecological Science; University of California, California

Professional references would be provided upon request